Milton Country Park

Visitors Centre

Photograph copyright S.Bennett

Technical details:

Date:Winter 2009 Source:Digital
Format:Portrait Lens:10mm
Exposure:Three Bracketted HDR


The Visitors Centre has a small Cafe, downstairs run by 'Cafe Diem', it also houses the Rangers office, upstair it opens out onto a view platform looking out over Todd's Pit. To the right of the Visitor Centre is a birdfeeding area funded by the Friends of Milton Country Park.

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Photos from this area.


Front corner of the Wooden clad Visitors Centre, showing the Kingfisher logo. This building was purpose built, when the Park was opened. However its design is not ideal, two large voids downstairs waste a lot of space.


View from the platform behind the Visitors Centre across Todds Pit with a heavy frost

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