Panoramic views of Milton


I'm not a professional photographer, simply a keen amateur. This website is a collection of my panoramas taken around Milton, Cambridgeshire, England. Each panorama covers a full 360 degree circle, giving the view in all directions.

This a learning exercise, which is hopefully still continuing. Photographs are taken as the ideas occur and weather permitting.


To view the panoramas interactively one of the following browsers with WebGL support is required:

  • Firefox 10+, Chrome 15+, Safari 8+, Internet Explorer 11+, Edge

Alternatively for older browsers Adobe Flash support is needed.


WebGl is 'plug-in' free graphics library implemented as part of the current web standards. However it does requirement that the graphics driver supports it.

Adobe flash

Flash is a 'plug-in' which needs to be downloaded and installed. It used to be common place but has been largely superseded.